YTV Renews "Captain Flamingo"

Canada’s YTV has greenlit a second season of the animated series Captain Flamingo, C21Media reports. The move comes before even the first season has debuted on the network.

WGBH & Discovery Kids Offer New "Peep" Episodes

WGBH and Discovery Kids have announced all-new episodes of the animated preschool science series Peep and the Big Wide World. AWN has details.

Hit Sells Toons to Asia

UK-based preschool studio Hit Entertainment has finalized several broadcast deals with pay-TV and free-to-air broadcasters in Asia. Some of the series included in the deals are Thomas & Friends, Bob the Builder, Pingu, Fireman Sam, Mopatop Shop, and Kipper. C21Media has details.

nWave Enters 3-D Animation Business

Location-based entertainment firm nWave is moving into the 3-D animation business with its next animated film, Fly Me To The Moon, AWN reports, citing Variety. The film follows three tween houseflies that stow away on the Apollo 11 moon mission. nWave hopes to have the film ready for a summer 2007 release.

"Jane and the Dragon" Comes to YTV

YTV has announced plans to add Jane and the Dragon to its on-air lineup and to its website. The 3-D animated comedy-adventure, which showcases a modern role model living in medieval times, makes its Canadian television debut on Sunday, January 8, 2006, at 11:00am. A countdown to the premiere will also be featured on the […]

Video Games Invade MTV

Several video games will be featured on the networks of MTV during the week of November 20, the network’s first “GameØRZ Week.” Details are available on Viacom’s corporate site.

"Dragon Ball Z" Goku Held Hostage: Huzzah! Even More Filler!

It seems as though the Dragon Ball DVDs will never end. First we had the original dub, then the new dub doing the Freeza Saga, most of the Cell Saga, the original Dragon Ball, the Buu Saga, Dragon Ball GT, the rest of the Cell & Buu sagas, and now we come all the way […]

"Zixx Level Two": Stupid Inanimate Carbon Rod

Zixx Level Two is the sequel to Zixx Level One, a show that was never aired in America. Neither has this sequel season. This is a half-animation, half-filmed-in-that-crazy-Canada series featuring intergalactic agent Zixx Phunkee Zee trying to defeat an alien conspiracy with her lizard friend Flanngo and a few disposable human beings on Earth. For […]

Mattel Lands Master Toy License for "Naruto"

Viz Media has selected Mattel as their master toy licensee for Naruto. Mattel also owns the toy license for Zatch Bell!, and many in the industry believe that these two manga licenses will aid the toymaker as it loses Barbie marketshare to Bratz.

"The Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour" Gets a Complete Series Release

Yet another Hanna-Barbera show gets a long-awaited DVD release, The Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour. The series will be released on March 7. More info is available at TVShowsOnDVD.com.

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