"Cardcaptor Sakura": The Sealed Card Also Seals the TV Dub Away

Cardcaptor Sakura is yet another anime with a troubled US history. When it aired on Kids WB, the series was aired out-of-order, the voice cast sounded older than they were supposed to, and the series tried to focus more towards Li than Sakura. Though the original Japanese version was released separately, fans still wished for […]

"Fruits Basket": Take a Break From Superpowered Fighters

Tohru Honda, a warrior from the Saiyan race… no, that’s not it. Tohru Honda, after awakening from cryogenic slumber… no, that’s Blue Gender. Accepted into the Galaxy Police? Nope. A legendary thief? Too goody-goody to steal. Super-powered officer armed with lipstick? Er, not going to happen. Tohru’s just a girl. No special powers. When her […]

Kuromi May Have Run Away, But Anime Fans Won't

What do you get when you take a fresh-out-of-college aspiring animator and throw her into pure chaos? A typical day in Studio Petit, that’s what — or Animation Runner Kuromi. For Mikiko Oguro, her dream of working on an animation masterpiece comes crashing down when, on her first day, the head of Time Journeys Episode […]

"Tokyo Godfathers": Homeless Where the Heart Is

If there were ever an indication that the Academy Awards voters are a few bricks short of a load, it was their decision to nominate Brother Bear but not Tokyo Godfathers for best animated picture in 2003. Disney’s amiably average tale comes nowhere close to the magnificent artistry of Satoshi Kon’s latest film. One must […]

"Puni Puni Poemy": Parody at the Speed of Light

Imagine watching on fast forward an R-rated and completely insane Sailor Moon and you’ll have something close to the Puni Puni Poemy experience. I think this is the first anime I’ve seen that might require therapy to get over. You may recall the incident several years ago in which Pokemon TV broadcasts gave some Japanese […]

"Blue Gender": Don't Get Attached to Anybody

“You have to let me fight! I’m not a baby; I can pull my own weight!” It is the year 2031. Mysterious, humongous insects called the Blue have destroyed civilization. With the use of mechs called Armored Strikes, a militaristic group seems to be the only people on Earth. Their goal is to get back […]

"Astro Boy" Still Dazzles, Even as Adaptation Disappoints

When I heard that Kids WB would be the network broadcasting the 2003 reincarnation of Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy, arguably the first anime ever made, my reaction was typical: I groaned. Kids WB has a long record of heavily adapting their anime to account for their image of American audience preferences. They were responsible for […]

"Astro Boy" Glows with Smart Action and Fun

To be honest, I was worried that the new AstroBoy wasn’t going to hold true to the spirit of the original, especially when I learned it was going to run on Kids WB, a network known for making radical changes to the anime series it airs. But, after watching the first two episodes, it would […]

"Someday's Dreamers Volume 1": Commonplace, Yet Incredible

The world of Someday’s Dreamers has been compared to such other works as NieA_7, Haibane Renmei, Kiki’s Delivery Service and even Harry Potter, and those are all probably right. The pacing and blend of light humor with mild melancholy is somewhat reminiscent of NieA and Haibane, as is the concept of taking the extraordinary and […]

TZ Reviews: "Millennium Actress" Points the Way to 2-D Animation's Future

The mainstream press insists that time is up for ink and paint. “Traditional animation” that is, hand-drawn animation, has become obsolete in the face of new computer-generated techniques, they say. But I say don’t lose hope just yet. Riding in like a samurai on a white horse, Satoshi Kon has given us Millennium Actress, proving […]

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