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Fate/Zero – “Scream of a Mad Beast” – Episode 5 Recap

by on November 1, 2011

When Rider enters the battlefield, rather than fight he asks Lancer
and Saber whether or not they’d be interested in forming an alliance
with him and conquering the world. The two immediately shoot down his
offer and question what kind of idiot would ask something so insulting.
Rider of course means no harm; he just genuinely seems more concerned
with taking over the world than obtaining the Holy Grail. Kiritsugu’s
plans are thrown off and Waver is in Rider’s chariot freaking out; his servant has done everything you are not supposed to do
during the Holy Grail war, like tell everyone who you are. Rider proceeds to openly demand that the servants
in the shadows show themselves. Suddenly the battlefield is occupied by
five servants: Saber, Lancer, Rider, Berserker and Archer. Various
fights break out, and Saber finds herself at the mercy of those around

I know I’ve been sort of gushing about Rider in my past
recaps, but come on, after this episode how can you not love the guy?
While others watch in the shadows, he decides enough is enough
and that they should show themselves. It is a respectable quality and displays why the guy is to be feared. Waver and Rider also just fit each
other. It was a nice gesture when Rider stood up for Waver when
Lancer’s master was taunting him. Rider declares that someone hiding is
not worthy of being his master and that Waver is since he rode into
battle with him. Waver has confidence issues so to have a servant that
is so understanding and protective works well for him. I also liked that
Kiritsugu didn’t shoot Waver when he had the chance. It seems he
recognized that Waver is inexperienced and probably shouldn’t be a part
of the war.

“Scream of a Mad Beast” proved that all of the
heroes summoned have a right to be in this war. They are all
intelligent, powerful and a force to be reckoned with. Archer has what
seems to be an endless supply of powerful noble phantasms. Just one of these weapons is
enough to turn the tide in battle, it’s concerning that he has so many. He
considers himself a god, and attacks Berserker for merely looking at
him. This arrogance can be rather annoying, but it fits his
overwhelming power.

I’ve got to say that I love Berserker’s CG design. We got a
glimpse of it when he was first summoned, but this is the first time we
have seen him (or her?) in action. He is a dark knight with smoke
surrounding his body and a blood-curdling growl. Rider and Lancer note
that for someone of the Berserker class, he is very agile, capable of dodging and catching Archer’s noble phantasms to use against him in turn. When Archer starts losing his temper, Tokiomi decides to use one of this three command
seal spells to force Archer to withdraw from the battle.

Berserker isn’t done just yet though, as he immediately attacks Saber
when he sees her. I’m not sure why he chose her, but it seems to
indicate some sort of connection that may be explored later. Here we find out
that anything Berserker picks up becomes his noble phantasm. Saber
tries her best to defend herself, but she’s caught off guard; fortunately she is saved by Lancer at the last minute. Lancer claims that Berserker is interfering with their battle, but his master feels differently about the situation and uses a command seal to order Lancer to help Berserker kill Saber. The King of Knights stands her ground and
admirably tells Irisviel she will defeat the two servants, despite all
the odds being against her. Fortunately for Saber, she is bailed out by Rider when he uses his chariot to run over Berserker.
The battered and injured Berserker retreats, with Lancer following suit
shortly after. Rider tells Saber to deal with Lancer, stating that the winner of
their fight will have the honor of dueling him. During all this Caster is watching the battle through an orb; he exclaims that Saber is
destined to be his and falls in love with her. The dude is sick and
slimy, so I can’t wait for the day that Saber cuts him down.

was so involved in the episode that I could hardly believe twenty
minutes had gone by when the end credits started rolling. “Scream of a
Mad Beast” brought five different servants together and showcased
their abilities in an appropriate war-like fashion. This is exactly the
type of action I was hoping for in Fate/Zero, and the quality of it sets it apart from Fate/Stay Night. Each hero brings a unique set of abilities to the
table, allowing for new battle choreography to be showcased. In the
previous episode we got to see a fancy clash between sword and spear, while this time showcased Berserker’s agility and ferocity. I look forward to the
upcoming one-on-one battles, though after this episode I hope there are a few
more battles between multiple servants.

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