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  • The People of the Purge Planet

    First Appearance: “Look Who's Purging Now” The only tradition any of us has to worry about is whether to invite Uncle Joe in your Christmas card group photo. The cat-like people of the Purge Planet has way bigger issues and a higher body count. For thousands of years, the upper clas...

    Tags: Rick and Morty, Adult Swim, Dan harmon, Justin Roiland, Look Who's Purging Now, Arthricia, character, characters, bio, profile, character profile, character bio

    341 days ago

  • One-Off characters: Season Two, Part Two

    Whew, that last list was getting long! Season Two has a way more prominent characters, so let's continue where we left off with part two and dig into the unimportant losers that had the misfortune to cross Rick and Morty's path.   The Victims of Rick's Spaceship     First App...

    Tags: Rick and Morty, Adult Swim, Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, characters, character bio, profile, bio, character profile

    325 days ago

  • Steven Universe

    STATUS: Main CharacterFIRST APPEARANCE: "Gem Glow"VOICE ACTOR: Zach Callison Steven Quartz Universe leads a unique life far from the average contemporary American. He grew up without a mother, largely raised by his father, Greg, and three alien species called Gems named Garnet, Amtheyst, and Pea...

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    168 days ago

  • Garnet

    STATUS: Main CharacterFIRST APPEARANCE: “Gem Glow”VOICE ACTOR: Estelle Garnet is the stoic leader of the Crystal Gems. She's the team's strongest member and equally as unbreakable mentally. Garnet expresses herself through quiet, nonverbal gestures, silently observing her surrou...

    Tags: Steven Universe, Garnet, character, character profile, profile

    189 days ago

  • Pearl

    STATUS: Main CharacterFIRST APPEARANCE: “Gem Glow”VOICE ACTOR: Deedee Magno Hall If you need someone studious to organize your schedule or keep you on a set path, then Pearl's your Gem. Analyatical almost to a fault, Pearl values intelligence and strategy. She thrives in smart planni...

    Tags: Steven Universe, Pearl, character, character profile, profile

    168 days ago

  • Greg Universe

    STATUS: Main CharacterFIRST APPEARANCE: "Laser Light Cannon"VOICE ACTOR: Tom Scharpling At first glance, Greg Universe doesn't seem like the type of person you could rely on. He's a man who lives in his van, operates a failing car wash, and dresses like he just got up in the morning. He's not al...

    Tags: Steven Universe, Greg Universe, character profile, character, profile

    175 days ago

  • Rose Quartz

    STATUS: Posthumous FIRST APPEARANCE: "Laser Light Cannon" (in a photo), "Lion 3: Straight to Video" (flashback)VOICE ACTOR: Susan Egan Of all the characters in Steven Universe, none has the reputation that the elusive Rose Quartz possesses. Six thousand years ago, Rose landed on Earth along...

    Tags: Steven Universe, Rose Quartz, character, bio, profile, character bio, character profile

    122 days ago

  • Sadie Miller

    STATUS: Secondary CharacterFIRST APPEARANCE: “Gem Glow”VOICE ACTOR: Kate Micucci Sadie Miller is one-half of the duo (the other being Lars) who works and maintains the Big Donut. By default, she's kindhearted and reserved, but she quickly loses her composure whenever it comes to Lars...

    Tags: Steven Universe, Sadie, Sadie Miller, character, character profile, profile

    62 days ago

  • Lion

    STATUS: Secondary CharacterFIRST APPEARANCE: "Steven's Lion"VOICE ACTOR: Dee Bradley Barker Lion is every kid's dream pet: a super cool animal with mysterious powers. Having apparently made his home in the vast desert, Lion met up with Steven and helped him defeat the Desert Glass Gem. He's...

    Tags: Steven Universe, Lion, character, bio, character bio, profile, character profile

    57 days ago

  • Onion

    STATUS: Secondary CharacterFIRST APPEARANCE: "Bubble Buddies"VOICE ACTOR: Zach Callison Trying to figure out Onion is a Labyrinthine effort: the mostly silent child with the odd-shaped head is a mystery even to Steven. Onion's behavior is destructive and callous. He causes no end of trouble for ...

    Tags: Steven Universe, Onion, character, bio, profile, character bio, character profile

    50 days ago

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