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  • Harley

    About me: ...exploits. Several years later, she took a look at both at animation and comics as industries and said, "I wa...… and the string. Brian, Drawing, Web Design, Baseball, Video Games and Comics

    2 days ago

  • otakusempai

    About me: Comics fan since 1967. Grew up on steady doses of Adam West's Batman, Lost in Space, Godzilla and Jonny Quest. Heroic fantasy. science fiction, Max Collins mysteries, role-playing games.

    624 days ago

  • rggkjg1

    About me: . music and comics

    616 days ago

  • AMOKCOMICS | THE WAVING MAN (amokcomics)

    Contact email: Stober@amokcomics.comWebsite: http://www.amokcomics.comTwitter username: amokcomics

    543 days ago

  • rickjones

    About me: ...uch a slave to pop culture. I've been a fan of comics and superheroes all of my life, particularly Spider-Man and the comics produced by Marvel Comics Gro...ion cartoons. Animation, Video Games, Movies, Comics, Rap and other musical genres...

    528 days ago

  • edliu

    About me: ...1) I am a colossal nerd, and 2) I have spent far too much time reading comics, and then reading and writing...y hobbies) and a large furry dog named Brownie (who, sadly, does not). Comics, toys, Apple Macintosh comput...

    121 days ago

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