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  • Harley

    About me: ...exploits. Several years later, she took a look at both at animation and comics as industries and said, "I wa...… and the string. Brian, Drawing, Web Design, Baseball, Video Games and Comics

    3 days ago

  • otakusempai

    About me: Comics fan since 1967. Grew up on steady doses of Adam West's Batman, Lost in Space, Godzilla and Jonny Quest. Heroic fantasy. science fiction, Max Collins mysteries, role-playing games.

    625 days ago

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  • Batgirl and more get spotlight at NYCC

    Though DC Comics still has a dark side, many of the newer comics have a funner, lighter side, that fans are enjoying. From Batgir...y, each offer something new and different than the "standard" DC Comics fare. This titles got a panel...

    740 days ago

  • Milestone Universe Returns to DC Comics

    ...s have long been a part of the DC Comics universe, some, like Static S...been limited. At SDCC today, DC Comics announced that three of it's...dware, and Icon will return to DC Comics via a "return home" to the "D...inal Milestone, the new Milestone comics will likely feature both DC a...

    831 days ago

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    KaBlam! Korner

    KaBlam! Korner

    Ah yes, KaBlam. Where cartoons and comics it's time to turn the pages. Here are your hosts, Henry and June! KaBlam! was a show that lasted from 1996 to 2000 on Nickelod...

    645 days ago


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