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  • The Supporting Characters

    ...y single handedly. As such, the next posts will be about key support characters, and allies that you may have...s during the Fire Emblem games. Be prepared to meet a vast variety of characters.

    633 days ago

  • The Villains of Legend of Zelda

    ...Legend of Zelda, you instantly (most times anyway) think about three characters: Link, Zelda, and Ganon. Caus..., there's more than just meets the standards. In fact, numerous other characters have made the games memorable...

    791 days ago

  • Hyrule Warriors

    ...s truly the first Zelda game of it's kind, mainly because it took the characters and world of Legend of Zelda,...nd is getting a port to the 3DS with new content featuring Wind Waker characters. Adding to the already robust...

    827 days ago

  • Why Is Story So Important To Fire Emblem Part 2

    ...adiant Dawn and more did this, as they showed how important groups of characters were instead of making them other FE games, the title was broken up into "acts", where certain characters were highlighted as certain c...

    823 days ago

  • Felicia - The Clumsy Maid

    There are several characters that appear on your team in all versions of Fire Emblem Fates. One of th...wield a knife at first, and other weapons later. And she is one of many characters you can marry. Even if you do...

    515 days ago

  • Batman: Bad Blood Cast Talk Upcoming Animated Film

    ...uch of the Batman family, including the introduction of Batwoman. The cast took the stage of NYCC to talk about the film and their characters. “With DC characters, you’re working with th...

    741 days ago

  • Lethe - The Ferocious Wildcat

    ...n introduction it was. Lethe is widely considered one of the harshest characters you'll meet in the Fire Emble...many of Ike's crew, including Ike himself, and one of my favorite FE characters, Jill. Later on, we see her...

    783 days ago

  • Why is Story So Important in Fire Emblem?

    ...Emblem understands that you can't just expect us to fight with these characters without knowing something the same question would arrive. You would ask the person who these characters were, and whether you were pl...

    825 days ago

  • Hyrule Warriors Part 3

    ...apped...) but it quickly becomes something else. We're not only shown characters and enemies from numerous (more on that later), but we're introduced to Lana and Cia, two characters who honestly add a new dimens...

    823 days ago

  • Owlman

    DC Comics has always had a fascination with a multiverse, and the characters that reside in them. But perhaps...Owlman stands out as one of the best versions of the Crime Syndicate characters, and with good reason. Owlman...

    782 days ago

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