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  • Harley Quinn a testament to fans growing attached to a character who in some ways may never ha...idekick to Joker. What happened was that the character was so well done, that she wa...arley is the very definition of fan favorite character, and she wouldn't have it any...

    811 days ago

  • New Fantastic Four Character Profile Videos Arrive!

    ...eaters, and to show off just what you can expect from these legendary characters, Fox released four video pro...t 7th!

    837 days ago

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  • Rick Sanchez

    Status: Main Character First Appearance: "Pilot" Voice Actor: Justin Roiland   To say Rick Sanchez has a complicated life would be an understatement. On the surface, Rick is a cantankerous old scientist and possibly the smartest human being on Earth. He's able to invent and craft - both ...

    Tags: rick and morty, adult swim, rick sanchez, dan harmon, justin roiland, character, character bio

    625 days ago

  • Jessica

    Status: Tertiary CharacterFirst Appearance: “Pilot”Voice Actor: Kari Wahlgren The object of Morty's affection, Jessica is a beautiful redhead and...that's about it. She doesn't have much of a personality, largely filling the role of a popular girl that Morty just happens to like. Th...

    Tags: Rick and Morty, Adult Swim, Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, Jessica, character, profile, character bio

    592 days ago

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