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  • looneytunesfan

    About me: Hey there! As you may have already guessed, I love cartoons! I'm mostly into anime (especially Sailor Moon, DBZ, InuYasha, Kill La Kill, etc), but I love the classics (such as Looney Tunes and Huckleberry Hound) too! Feel free to chat me up if you want to! :)

    653 days ago

  • mick

    About me: Some dude who is into cartoons and metal. Video games, death metal, guitars and more!

    632 days ago

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  • First Post

    Hello, I am the creator of this fansite. And welcome to the Cartoon Network fansite! It is a fansite dedicated to Cartoon Network.

    22 days ago

  • Titans Go!

    Teen Titans is a very interesting thing when you think about it. The cartoon is an adaptation of the legenda...roes, villains, stories, and arcs that helped make this such a classic cartoon.

    19 days ago

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  • Dog World

    An animatic pilot for Dog World that Justin Roiland produce for Cartoon Network.

    314 days ago

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    Animation Parody

    Animation Parody

    Animation Parody

    Tags: Animation, Animated, Parody, Cartoon, Comic

    512 days ago

    Disney Cartoon For Kids

    Disney Cartoon For Kids

    The best cartoons for kids

    Tags: disney, cartoon, donald duck, chip and dale, mickey mouse, minie mouse, pluto

    675 days ago

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  • Comment on "Nowadays cartoons sucks ?"

    We're all biased to a certain degree, but not all cartoon shows nowadays suck. I'm not an Uncle Grandpa fan...ostalgia isn't profitable anymore, therefore, they're removing classic cartoon shows from TV and having comp...

    583 days ago

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