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  • looneytunesfan

    About me: Hey there! As you may have already guessed, I love cartoons! I'm mostly into anime (especially Sailor Moon, DBZ, InuYasha, Kill La Kill, etc), but I love the classics (such as Looney Tunes and Huckleberry Hound) too! Feel free to chat me up if you want to! :)

    655 days ago

  • mick

    About me: Some dude who is into cartoons and metal. Video games, death metal, guitars and more!

    635 days ago

  • jaylop97

    About me: Just like to be picky and debate, initially joined Toonzone to learn more about cartoons, channels and share what I usually want to say with people relating my ideas or discussing with me Made 100 post in July of 2015 250 August 2015 500 November 2015 1000 January 2016

    488 days ago

  • goldengeek

    About me: Hi, I'm Golden Geek. I'm fourteen and currently reside in the US. I am a fan of cartoons and anime. My favorite animator is Hayao Miyazaki. My hobbies include writing (fanfiction and...

    619 days ago

  • dprboy

    About me: i like cartoons

    533 days ago

  • royalrubble

    About me: I'm a guy, 20-something-else years old (better than being just 20-something), living in a certain country that has an "A" in its name. I enjoy watching various TV shows (especially anime and cartoons), but also comedies, action, science-fiction movies and maybe a little horror sometimes.

    616 days ago

  • beanomaster

    About me: Hi! I'm BeanoMaster. I love The Beano Comic (hence my username) and loads of cartoons! I am also from Britian My favourite cartoon is Adventure Time, I love the setting and all the characters. My favourite AT characters are Jake and Lumpy Space Princess.

    532 days ago

  • rickjones

    About me: ...eam. I've also always been an intense fan of the medium of animation, enjoying everything from the oldest Fleischer short to the lamest Filmation cartoons. Animation, Video Games, Mo...

    530 days ago



    About me: Have loved toons since I saw them in local theaters. , they were wonderful on a huge screen. We had one theater near us, played 25 cartoons back to back, no commercials,(about 2 and half hours-non stop toons) almost all Warners. (25 cartoons, 25 cents)

    46 days ago

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