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  • First Post

    Hello, I am the creator of this fansite. And welcome to the Cartoon Network fansite! It is a fansite dedicated to Cartoon Network.

    23 days ago

  • Titans Go!

    Teen Titans is a very interesting thing when you think about it. The cartoon is an adaptation of the legenda...roes, villains, stories, and arcs that helped make this such a classic cartoon.

    20 days ago

  • Tracers

    ...that he can either throw or fire at people, objects, or vehicles so that they don't get away. In one of the most famous uses, the World's Finest cartoon, he used one of these of Supe...

    568 days ago

  • Marceline Spinoff Series Gets Premiere Date

    ...(and fan favorite) Marceline is getting her own miniseries show called "Stakes" in which she will attempt to be cured of her Vampireism. Today, Cartoon Network revealed that the min...

    742 days ago

  • Headmistress - The...Headmistress

    Ironically, the first voice we hear in the Teen Titans cartoon isn't the Titans at all, or Slade, it's in fact the Headmistress of the H.A.E.Y.P (pronounced Hive) Academy. The he...

    14 days ago

  • The Royal Flush Gang Though they came to be in the comics, they really took off in the cartoons via Justice League and Batman Beyond. In the Justice League cartoon Joker was the one who put the...

    727 days ago

  • Adventure Time Movie IS In The Works

    Fans of Adventure Time can rejoice, there is a movie in the works for the incredibly popular series at Cartoon Network. But, there's nothing attached to it yet: “Adventure Time...

    742 days ago

  • Adam Strange - The Dimensional Warrior

    ...y transports between Raan and Earth via Zeta Waves. This makes him an asset to the Justice League, and thus Batman. In fact, in the Young Justice cartoon, the Zeta Waves were used on...

    475 days ago

  • Korra - The Avatar! Now yes, there were times she was a little too over-the-top, but hey, so was Aang! Korra is easily one of the best leading ladies in cartoon history. And if I ever have a...

    624 days ago

  • Dr. Destiny

    ...villain who has the power to manipulate dreams in such a way, that it can kill the dreamer if the stress becomes to high. In the Justice League cartoon series, Dr. Destiny almost si...

    661 days ago

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