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  • Harley

    About me: their exploits. Several years later, she took a look at both at animation and comics as industries and...n not working on a multitude of other things, she enjoys watching any animation she can get her hands on, dra...

    5 days ago

  • wingedartist28

    About me: I'm a Pet Shopper (fan of Littlest Pet Shop Show), and a member of a YouTube review group called, The League of Petshoppers. I am an artist/animator in training, and animation enthusiast that cares about great works. Running, Cinematography, Bird Enthusiast

    654 days ago

  • rickjones

    About me: ...the home team. I've also always been an intense fan of the medium of animation, enjoying everything from the oldest Fleischer short to the lamest Filmation cartoons. Animation, Video Games, Movies, Comics,...

    531 days ago

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