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  • The Council of Ricks

    Status: One-Shot Characters First Appearance: "Close Rick-counter...ntent by an entire council of Ricks? The Citadel of Ricks is a hidden base established...acts as a sanctuary for other Ricks and their Mortys. The leaders...f them goes too far. The mess must be huge considering these are...

    506 days ago

  • Varrick - The Insane Businessman

    You might a lot of crazy people in life. For Korra, one of those people was definitely Varrick. On the surface, Varrick just looks like your typical "crazy like a fox" businessman. And...

    566 days ago

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      Months after completing her successful 10-year run on the hit '70s sitcom "Th...f his own Construction Company, while their daughter Brenda was an average, boy-crazy teenage girl.    ...

    656 days ago


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