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  • Character Guide: Pac-Man

    Wakka wakka wakka wakka. Hey, Namco helped develop the fourth installment of Smash Bros. Honestly, who else should any...and humble origins, which means the Smash Bros crew had plenty of leeway the way of post-move lag, and his smash attacks have excellent range...

    949 days ago

  • Hookshot/Clawshot

    ...using it to help kill a boss, or stun an enemy, the Hookshot is a must have in the inventory. Heck, it's even used as a grapple technique in Super Smash Bros!...

    739 days ago

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    The Super Smash Bros Arena

    The Super Smash Bros Arena

    This is the Super Smash Bros Arena, a site for celebrating and obsessi...latest and greatest iteration of the series in Super Smash Bros Wii U / 3DS.  Some's many stages and items because I believe Smash Bros is best as a festive experien...

    953 days ago

    A New Beginning

    A New Beginning

    im wrighting a novel about super heros

    2 days ago

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  • Character Guide: Link

    The star of the storied The Legend of Zelda game series and one of the original 12 fighters, Link contends with Shulk for the most versatile swordsman on the Smash Bros roster. His weight and power are relatively average, but unlike his peers he has many tools for harassing opponents and keeping ...

    Tags: Super Smash Bros Arena Character Guide, Super Smash Bros, Link

    952 days ago

  • Character Guide: Mario

    Unquestionably Nintendo's most iconic character since the days of Super Mario Bros, Mario has been a part of the Smash Bros series from the start. As is often the case when he appears with other characters in a Nintendo title, Mario represents a balanced character that's comfortable and welcoming...

    Tags: Super Smash Bros, Mario, Super Smash Bros Arena Character Guide

    951 days ago

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