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  • Steven Universe - Episode 36 "Warp Tour"

    Ep. #36ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Jan. 8th, 2015SONG: NoSYNOPSIS: Steven spots something mysterious going through the warp stream, but none of the Crystal Gems believe him. Now this is a pleasant start off to the episode: Amethyst and Pearl complementing each other on their battling skills. Look how f...

    Tags: Steven Universe, Warp Tour, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, episode, bio, synopsis, episode bio, episode synopsis

    136 days ago

  • Steven Universe - Episode 38 "The Test"

    Ep. #38ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Jan. 22nd, 2015SONG: NoSYNOPSIS: Steven wants to test his merits, so the Gems set up an obstacle course.   Steven and the Crystal Gems are playing a rousing game of Citchen Calamity, a food-themed board game. None of the Gems really get it, but as usual, they go...

    Tags: Steven Universe, The Test, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, episode, recap, synopsis, episode recap, episode synopsis

    128 days ago

  • Rose Quartz

    STATUS: Posthumous FIRST APPEARANCE: "Laser Light Cannon" (in a photo), "Lion 3: Straight to Video" (flashback)VOICE ACTOR: Susan Egan Of all the characters in Steven Universe, none has the reputation that the elusive Rose Quartz possesses. Six thousand years ago, Rose landed on Earth along...

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    124 days ago

  • Steven Universe - Episode 37 "Alone Together"

    Ep. #37ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Jan. 15th, 2015SONG: NoSYNOPSIS: Steven and Connie are in for a big surprise when they fuse together. Steven Universe's continuity is incredible, especially in light of their shorter timeframe. They have to squeeze an entire plot in just eleven-minutes and some of the...

    Tags: Steven Universe, Alone Together, Connie, Connie Mahaswaran, Stevonnie, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, episode, recap, synopsis, episode recap, episode synopsis

    130 days ago

  • Steven Universe - Episode 39 "Future Vision"

    Ep. #39ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Jan. 29th, 2015SONG: NoSYNOPSIS: Garnet tells Steven his possible fates with her future vision. Now that he's a Crystal Gem, Steven thinks it's high time for him to grow up and throw away some of his old toys due to their childish nature. Steven packs up his formerly ...

    Tags: Steven Universe, Future Vision, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, episode, recap, synopsis, episode recap, episode synopsis

    121 days ago

  • Steven Universe - Episode 40 "On the Run"

    Ep. #40ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Feb. 5th, 2015SONG: Yes, “On the Run”SYNOPSIS: Amethyst takes Steven to her old home, the cryptically named Kindergarten. The Crystal Gems return from a mission, having collected all the Robotnoids that Peridot left behind. That way, no one else from beyon...

    Tags: Steven Universe, On the Run, Amethyst, Pearl, Garnet, episode, recap, synopsis, episode recap, episode synopsis

    116 days ago

  • Steven Universe - Episode 41 "Horror Club"

    Ep. #41ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Feb. 12th, 2015SONG: NoSYNOPSIS: Steven invites Lars to a spooky movie night at the creepy old lighthouse. Steven stops by the Big Donut on his way to a scary movie night, hoping to invite Lars. When Lars finds out Ronaldo will be the one hosting it, he passes. No nee...

    Tags: Steven Universe, Horror Club, Lars, Ronaldo, Sadie, episode, recap, synopsis, episode recap, episode synopsis

    46 days ago

  • Steven Universe - Episode 42 "Winter Forecast"

    Ep. #42ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Feb. 19th, 2015SONG: NoSYNOPSIS: Steven and Greg needs to take Connie safely home before the winter storm kicks in, so Garnet gives Steven temporary future vision to help him out. "Winter Forecast" opens up with an adorable moment between Steven and Connie as the two re...

    Tags: Steven Universe, Winter Forecast, Connie, Greg, Connie Maheswaran, Greg Universe, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, The Maheswarans, Priyanka Maheswaran, Doug Maheswaran, episode, recap, synopsis, episode recap, episode synopsis

    109 days ago

  • Lars Barriga

    STATUS: Secondary CharacterFIRST APPEARANCE: "Gem Glow"VOICE ACTOR: Matthew Moy Lars is something of a counterpoint to Steven. While the latter is kindhearted, open, and confident with himself, Lars is apathetic, rude, and insecure. He's not the kind of person to make a good first impression, of...

    Tags: Steven Universe, Lars, Sadie, character, bio, character bio

    64 days ago

  • Steven Universe - Episode 43 "Maximum Capacity"

    Ep. #43ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Feb. 26th, 2015SONG: Yes, the L'il Butler theme song, albeit diegeticSYNOPSIS: Greg sets out to clean his storage space, but ends up marathoning an old sitcom with Amethyst. New Year's Eve is approaching and Steven can't wait to see the fireworks event with his father...

    Tags: Steven Universe, Maximum Capacity, Greg, Greg Universe, Amethyst, Pearl, Garnet, episode, synopsis, recap, episode synopsis, episode recap

    102 days ago

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