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  • Garnet a grip on Earth. Under the leadership of Blue Diamond, a rare noble Sapphire worked as her personal seer....dicted the end of the Crystal Gem rebellion, then lead by Rose Quartz. Sapphire made casual talk with one of...

    188 days ago

  • Steven Universe - Episode 52 "Jail Break" voice originates from another Gem: Sapphire. Ruby has fond ties with this Sapphire and begs Steven to free her to return to Earth. Steven locates Sapphire first. She's an elegant icy G...boot. Garnet is a product of Ruby and Sapphire's love. With renewed vigor,...

    62 days ago

  • Steven Universe - Episode 56 "Love Letters"

    ...good advice and one Jamie will eventually take to heart. Now that we've seen who Garnet really is, season two can open the veil between Ruby and Sapphire. These two have already moved...

    11 days ago

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