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  • Garnet

    ...en lead by Rose Quartz. Sapphire made casual talk with one of the common Ruby guardians before the event, a...apphire could not have foreseen. Indeed, when the Crystal Gems attacked, Ruby dove in to protect Sapphire,...

    189 days ago

  • Steven Universe - Episode 52 "Jail Break"

    ...isoner, a very hotheaded Gem named Ruby. The latter is frustrated wit...inates from another Gem: Sapphire. Ruby has fond ties with this Sapph...verything is settled, then follows Ruby. Steven nearly runs into Jas...and it was a long time coming. Ruby and Sapphire literally bond w...

    63 days ago

  • Steven Universe - Episode 56 "Love Letters"

    ...ast one is good advice and one Jamie will eventually take to heart. Now that we've seen who Garnet really is, season two can open the veil between Ruby and Sapphire. These two have...

    12 days ago

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