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  • Morty Smith

    ...rtunate elephant in the room: Rick Sanchez. Rick constantly drags his grandson...;initiative is needed to hone Rick in when the situation gets dic...m to an extent. This has made Morty into a hardened veteran equally offended whenever Rick brushes him off for someone el...

    619 days ago

  • Evil Rick and Eyepatch Morty

    ...ctersFirst Appearance: "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind"Voice Actor: Justin Roil...creaming, eternally tormented Mortys. Because Ricks have a unique, traceable brai...l apologizes, sends the other Mortys home, and investigate the cr...cene. To their surprise, Evil Rick had been remotely controlled t...

    499 days ago

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    Rick and Morty

    Rick and Morty

    Wel...(belch)...come to the Rick and Morty fansite page. Bring out your portal guns, take a trip...lternate dimension or two, and pack your Meeseeks, it's Rick and Morty time! Rick and Morty all the time! Rick and Morty forever and forever. A hundre...

    625 days ago


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