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  • Steven Universe - Episode 33 "Garnet's Universe"

    ...were prominent and influential animes of the 90s, a likely part of Rebecca Sugar's childhood. "Garnet's Universe...iverse" is a loving meta-filled tribute to the animated source that Rebecca Sugar endowed into Steven Universe....

    40 days ago

  • Steven Universe - Episode 52 "Jail Break"

    ...all along. I'm so impressed by the marvelous foreshadowing of Garnet's true origin because it doesn't come out of nowhere. This was something Rebecca Sugar had planned as far back as th...

    58 days ago


    Steven Universe

    Steven Universe

    We...are the Crystal Gems and we'll always save the day! Take a walk down Beach City, have some pizza, and break out your guitar, this is the Toonzone Steven Universe fansite! I'll be digging deep to bring you everything about Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, annnnnd Steven! This fan site will provide ep...

    Tags: Steven Universe, Cartoon Network, Rebecca Sugar, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Crystal Gems

    280 days ago

  • Steven Universe - Episode 1: Gem Glow

    Ep. #1ORIGINAL AIR DATE:  Nov. 4, 2013SONG: Yes, the Cookie Cat Theme songSYNOPSIS: Steven creates a shield from his gem powers, but he has no idea how to willingly activate it. Can ice cream be the answer?     Steven Universe starts off innocuous. Before the tears, before th...

    Tags: Steven Universe, Rebecca Sugar, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, Centipeedle, Gem Glow, episodes, episodes recap, recap, synopsis, episode synopsis

    58 days ago

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