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  • RWBY: Volume 5 Trailer

    Check out the trailer of RWBY: Volume 5!!! Hope your hyped up for the fact that the release is in just 4 days! (October 14th, 2017) Go to Rooster Teeth channel on YouTube, and you'll see the Volume 5 trailer! RWBY: Volume 5 Trailer - YouTube

    12 days ago

  • Digital Anime Series ‘RWBY’ Volume 5 to Get Theatrical Premiere

    The first chapter from Volume 5 of the anime hit will be screened in a spe...t time that select “RWBY” Volume 4 episodes will be shown time. The “RWBY” Volume 5 premiere screenings also wi...premiere date for “RWBY” Volume...

    33 days ago

  • Black Panther and Captain Marvel Get New Release Dates

    Although the announcement of Ant-Man and Wasp has been most good, two anticipated mov...n Marvel will now come after Wonder Woman and Wasp's debut. And Black Panthers release moving up indicates that mayb...

    745 days ago

  • Hasbro Launching New Transformers Series On Machinima

    At SDCC, Hasbro announced a partnership with Machinima to...the Transformers franchise for Hasbro, in a press release about the announcement. "As o...uo;ve grown up loving the Transformers brand." No release date has been given yet, I'll...

    836 days ago

  • Bolas

    Yes, Catwoman may be in the pic here, but, Batman has used his fair share of Bolas escapes the Batman after all. Not only that though, his have the ability to release electric shocks to those that...

    595 days ago

  • Pokemon GO No. 179 - Mareep

    "If static electricity builds in its body, its fleece doubles in volume. Touching it will shock you" Proving that even the most docile of living creatures can become powerful Pokemon, M...

    80 days ago

  • Lego Avengers Given Release Date and Trailer

    TellTale Games has revealed that Lego Avengers will be arriving on Jan 26. 2016. And will feature not only numerous Marvel characters, but have content from numerous Marvel films that have been released. Here is a trailer for the game.

    744 days ago

  • Suicide Squad SDCC Trailer Leaked

    DC really brought their A-game in regards to showing off trailers of their upcoming And after releasing BVS, they also showed Suicide Squad. True, they didn't release it like BVS, but thankfully s...

    833 days ago

  • Three Movies Added to Marvel Lineup

    Marvel has announced three more movies that are coming in...  These as of yet unannounced titles will be released on May 1, 2020, July 10...viously, Inhumans was the furthest out, slated for release in 2019. So what could this b...

    745 days ago

  • King Of Red Lions

    Sailing was a big part of Legend of Zelda for two of its games, and for Wind Waker, t...g of Hyrule! Transformed to try and save the world from Ganondorf's inevitable release. In the end, it was partially...

    657 days ago

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