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  • RWBY: Volume 5 Trailer

    Check out the trailer of RWBY: Volume 5!!! Hope your hyped up for the fact that the release is in just 4 days! (October 14th, 2017) Go to Rooster Teeth channel on YouTube, and you'll see the Volume 5 trailer! RWBY: Volume 5 Trailer - YouTube

    10 days ago

  • Digital Anime Series ‘RWBY’ Volume 5 to Get Theatrical Premiere

    The first chapter from Volume 5 of the anime hit will be screene...ime that select “RWBY” Volume 4 episodes will be shown thea...time. The “RWBY” Volume 5 premiere screenings also wi...emiere date for “RWBY” Volume 5. It will be available on Fi...

    31 days ago

  • Pokemon GO No. 179 - Mareep

    "If static electricity builds in its body, its fleece doubles in volume. Touching it will shock you" Proving that...

    79 days ago

  • Focus of All-New All-Different Marvel Talked About At NYCC

    At NYCC, Tom Brevoort stood before many Marvel fans to talk about the upcoming All-N...We're having a lot of fun with some of the supporting characters from the last volume...but if you've been curious...

    742 days ago

  • Rick and Morty Comics: Volume Two

    It's Part Two of the Rick and Morty comic articles! Volume Two collects #6 - #10 of the comic series. What can we expect? Ri...nate world with an evil Morty ruling the world! But there's more! Volume Two has a Balls Fondler one-s...

    318 days ago

  • Rick and Morty Comics: Volume Three

    Rick and Morty Volume Three collects #11 - #15 of the comic series. This time, Rick and Morty take a trip into their minds, Jerry and Summer switch bodies, and Morty is forced...

    317 days ago

  • Rick and Morty Comics: Volume One

    Oh hey, did you know Rick and Morty has an ongoing comic...sells books like Amazon and Barnes n' Noble has the volumes and/or individual issues sto...option.   This article will be looking over Volume 1 of the comic series. This c...

    351 days ago

  • Rick and Morty Games

    Inevitably, a popular show like Rick and Morty would get its fair share of games. Th...haven't seen everything the game has to offer, but I am impressed by the sheer volume of contents.   ...

    374 days ago

  • Rick and Morty Comics: Volume Four

      The upcoming Rick and Morty Volume 4 isn't out yet, but we can still continue with the next five issues. This article covers #16 - #20! This time, Summer travels as a companion w...

    311 days ago

  • Steven Universe - Episode 32 "Fusion Cuisine"

    Ep. #32ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Nov. 6th, 2014SONG: NoSYNOPSIS: Connie's parents want to h...equally feelgood cartoon: Cardcaptor Sakura.  Cardcaptor Sakura is a 12-volume manga series (and 70 episode...

    126 days ago

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