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  • Pokemon - Professor Oak - The Pokemon Prof

    In the world of Pokemon, not everyone is a trainer, some s...mply wish to know everything about Pokemon. These people tend to become...Oak is a genius when it comes to Pokemon, though he's not afraid to ad...often take time to spend with each Pokemon under his roof. Whether they...

    455 days ago

  • Pokemon - Metapod

    Ash's first Pokemon Capterpie was also his first look into Pokemon evolution, as it evolved into the cocoon Pokemon known as Metapod. You'd think t...with it, but you would be wrong. Pokemon dedicated time to exploring impact. And that was even the Pokemon's final form...

    455 days ago

  • Pokemon - Max - The Brother

    ...ed to live a life in the world of Pokemon. However, for the first time,...he was too young to have his own Pokemon. But, he still wanted to trav...a smart kid, and knew a lot about Pokemon. Yes, he sometimes flaunted h...several lifelong connections with Pokemon. No doubt adding to his desir...

    455 days ago

  • Pokemon - The Series!

    ...d out with humble intentions, the Pokemon TV series has grown into a ju...seasons, showing off hundreds of Pokemon, and showing off the never en...g quest of Ash Kethum to become a Pokemon master, the show is as essent...s we try and catch all the reason Pokemon is so great!

    624 days ago

  • Pokemon GO - No. 124 - Jynx

    ...alluring, people seeing it are compelled to shake their hips without giving any thought to what they are doing." In the universe of Pokemon, there are cool Pokemon, good Pokemon, forgettable Po...

    192 days ago

  • Pokemon - Phanpy - The Baby Elephant

    Pokemon Eggs are an easy way to give Ash or his companions a new Pokemon. After winning a Pokemon race, Ash got an egg that would later hatch into a Phan...e to convince it, by saving it, that it truly was Ash's Pokemon, and Phanpy's faith in him wa...

    455 days ago

  • Pokemon - Charmeleon - The Defiant One

    ...Charmeleon. However, unlike his other evolved Pokemon, Charmeleon wasn't one to tak...really explained why he was this way. In the Pokemon games this can happen if you...ontention with Ash as he couldn't control his Pokemon, and it seemed bent on just f...

    455 days ago

  • Pokemon - Venonat - The Assistant

    In the Orange Islands, it wasn't just the Pokemon that changed. As Brock went to st...ew friend in the form of Tracey. An artist of Pokemon and studier of their behavior. As a potential expert, he of course had Pokemon of his own. One of his most r...

    455 days ago

  • Pokemon - Caterpie - The First Catch

    Ash's luck with Pokemon was...strained at first. He tried...failed, then tried to get another Pokemon that he thought was a Pidgey,...m. But, then one day he saw a bug Pokemon and threw a Pokeball at it, i...Shot stopped both of Team Rockets Pokemon cold, and it wouldn't be long...

    455 days ago

  • Pokemon - Pikachu

    ...not hard to argue that part of the reason for Pokemon's massive success is because...e towards those in need. Whether it's a stray Pokemon, or a trainer/friend in need,...rous shorts focused solely on him in numerous Pokemon films, and aside from Chariza...

    455 days ago

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