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  • Lance - The Ego

    ...himself way too much. Wanting to be a fighter pilot, Lance joined the academy, kicked out, he was indeed granted fighter pilot training. And even met Pidge...s personality faults, Lance actually is a good pilot, and was the first of the Vol...

    479 days ago

  • Fans React To Supergirl Pilot Screening at SDCC

    There's still a lot of questions on how the upcoming CBS Supergirl series will be received. To help build buzz, the pilot for the series was screened at SDCC for both fans and press...

    835 days ago

  • Keith - The Outsider

    Of the five Voltron pilots, arguably the most mysterious one...on that not only was Keith a gifted pilot, but he had a connection with...ce they met up. Unlike many of the pilots, Keith had to truly prove does count on Keith's skill as a pilot and warrior to help them when...

    483 days ago

  • Riverdale Series To Be Very Dark?

    ...s" and "Perks of Being a Wallflower' yeah... Oh, and Archie will be "hot" apparently, while Cheryl Blossom will be the first major villain of the pilot season.

    743 days ago

  • Rick's Spaceship

    Status: Reoccuring CharacterFirst Appearance: "Pilot" Voice: Kari Wahlgren It's amazing what you can build with scrap in your garage. For the most brilliant mind on Earth and possib...

    424 days ago

  • Voltron Legendary Defender - Allura - The Princess

    ...ed to Altea, and the universe at large. For to her, if Altea didn't fall, the Galra empire would never have gotten the hold it has. Allura is the pilot of the Castle of Lions, and u...

    453 days ago

  • The Galactic Federation

    Status: Secondary CharactersFirst Appearance: "Pilot"The Galactic Federation is the largest known space government in existence. Its reach extends to over 6000 known planets allied u...

    431 days ago

  • Pidge - The Tech Genius

    ...h her brother Matt, were captured along with Shiro by the Galra. When Pidge found out about this, the entire Federation deem this an "accident" by pilot error. Pidge investigated and...

    470 days ago

  • Falling Skies Says Goodbye At SDCC

    ...who wants to fight for humanity and for her children and it all ties up in the end really nicely." "When we first started out, the writer of the pilot episode - Robert Rodat - had...

    834 days ago

  • Shiro - The Leader

    Of the five Voltron pilots, Shiro is the leader. He was chosen by the Black Lion which is the litera...tron. Not only that, but Shiro is the most trained of the group. He was a pilot and soldier long before he wa...

    490 days ago

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