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  • Pearl

    ...keep you on a set path, then Pearl's your Gem. Analyatical almost to a fault, Pearl values intelligence and strat...but primitive lifestyle, but Pearl is a compassionate Gem who is...happened to her beloved Rose, Pearl does not love Steven any less...

    165 days ago

  • Steven Universe - Episode 16 "Steven the Sword Fighter"

    ...o an old Gem temple to train. Pearl breaks out a solid hologram o...Steven enthusiastically asks Pearl to teach him right now. to clean up his room. Holo-Pearl mistakes a sword-wielding act...essing a sword jammed through Pearl is a whole other level though...

    186 days ago

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    ...n was changed to present-day Washington, D.C. for the show's setting. Other characters were man-hungry Sondra Clark (Jackee Harry), Pearl Shay (Helen Martin), and Pearl's grandson, Calvin Dobbs (Cur...

    460 days ago


    Steven Universe

    Steven Universe

    ...zza, and break out your guitar, this is the Toonzone Steven Universe fansite! I'll be digging deep to bring you everything about Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, annnnnd Steven! This fan sit...

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