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  • Joe Quesada Has Seen The New Spider-Man Costume

    Marvel's Chief Creative Officer spoke on the fact that he has seen the Spider-Man costume that Tom Holland will wear in the upcoming Marvel and Sony movies. And apparently, he's impressed! "I have. Yes. Yes!" he responded when asked if he had seen the new outfit actor Tom Holland will don. "What...

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    834 days ago

  • Special Avengers #0 Will Set Up Post Secret Wars Titles

    Marvel talked a bit about Secret Wars, and how the comics coming after it will be directly affected by Secret Wars. However, as you may know, there's an eight-month jump between Secret Wars and the titles that come after. How are they all going to set that up? Easy, with a #0 issue! Yep, Marvel ...

    Tags: Marvel, Avengers

    834 days ago

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