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  • Character Guide: Link

    ...d one of the original 12 fighters, Link contends with Shulk for the m...pponents and keeping them at bay. Link is also blessed with good rec...knocked off stage. At close range Link can also be devastating in th...rogress. Stay tuned for more about Link!

    951 days ago

  • The Sword

    ...te staple in the Legend of Zelda are the swords Link uses.  Yes, I could go t...ence, they all serve a singular purpose, to arm Link for what's to come. From sim...And there no doubt will be more to come. Yes, Link doesn't solely rely on his sw...

    766 days ago

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    Aldult Catoon

    ...ks! w/ Paw Patrol Full Episodes! Donald Duck Cartoons Full Episodes Minnie Mouse Carton Movies - Animation Movies For Kids 2016! Superhero Fun IRL Link HD:

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  • Character Guide: Link

    The star of the storied The Legend of Zelda game series and one of the original 12 fighters, Link contends with Shulk for the most versatile swordsman on the Smash Bros roster. His weight and power are relatively average, but unlike his peers he has many tools for harassing opponents and keeping ...

    Tags: Super Smash Bros Arena Character Guide, Super Smash Bros, Link

    951 days ago

    The Legend Of Zelda

    The Legend Of Zelda

    It's one of the greatest vieo game franchises of all time, and it's time to show our fan love for it! From the games itself, to the mythology, to the characters, to what we hope to see moving forward, nothing is off limits here. It's too dangerous to go alone! So join the fansite and let's talk ...

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    845 days ago

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