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  • Character Guide: Link

    ...d one of the original 12 fighters, Link contends with Shulk for the m...pponents and keeping them at bay. Link is also blessed with good rec...knocked off stage. At close range Link can also be devastating in th...rogress. Stay tuned for more about Link!

    948 days ago

  • The Sword

    ...te staple in the Legend of Zelda are the swords Link uses.  Yes, I could go t...ence, they all serve a singular purpose, to arm Link for what's to come. From sim...And there no doubt will be more to come. Yes, Link doesn't solely rely on his sw...

    763 days ago

  • Tornado Rod

    ...both solving puzzles and dungeons, as well as evading enemies. In A Link Between World, Link can use the Tornado Rod to fl...h panels into the air when needed. This can stun enemies, and help Link out of a tight spot. However,...

    658 days ago

  • Magic Armor

    Armor is nothing new in Legend of Zelda, in fact, Link's famous outfit is literally chain ma...After doing two sidequests (and collecting 3,000 rupees), Link get the Magic Armor. A literal invincible armor that Link can wear and take no damage....

    668 days ago

  • Deku Nut

    ...In fact, this items gets uses in three different ways. Two by Link, and on by his enemies the Deku's. For Link, he can use the Deku Nut to s...en there's his enemies, who shoot them at him to try and stun Link! Again, it's the simple thing...

    724 days ago

  • Dominion Rod bring life to statues. Why do such a thing? Well, these statues help Link solve puzzles he can't do't physically get to. The rod controls the movement of the statues via Link, so wherever he goes, the sta...

    670 days ago

  • Titan Glove/Gauntlets

    For all the power that Link has, he is still mortal. As such, he is bound by...wever, throughout the course of Legend of Zelda, Link has gotten several items to "...itan's Mitt, or the Silver and Golden Gauntlets, Link always seems to find an item...

    636 days ago

  • Princess Zelda's Greatest Moments- Friendship Above The Clouds Zelda as...well...not exactly a princess, but rather a good friend to Link. It's a simple touch, but it...aving them talking (kinda/sorta) and having fun together showed just why Link would risk life and limb for...

    803 days ago

  • Princess Zeldas Best Moments - She Came In A Dream... several moments in and of itself), Zelda and Link have a connection that litera...eries...we didn't know that. Especially since A Link To The Past was the first know how much skill it must've took to find Link, AND contact him through a dr...

    818 days ago

  • The Bunny Hood

    ...he point of masks in Legend of Zelda is to give Link an ability he didn't naturall...e a natural power. For the Bunny Hood, it gives Link a much needed boost in speed....of Time and Majora's Mask, the Bunny Hood gives Link incredibly running speed. Whi...

    718 days ago

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