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  • Mr. Goldenfold

    ...gger temper. Goldenfold's status as a minor character means he's about as important as pocket lint, but he was the focus of the second episode "Lawnmower Dog". Rick and Morty invades...

    584 days ago

  • Scary Terry

    Status: One-ShotFirst Appearance: "Lawnmower Dog"Voice Actor: Jess Harnell Scary Terry is the “legally safe knock-off of an 80s horror character with miniature swords for hands...

    567 days ago

  • Snuffles/Snowball

    Status: One-Shot CharacterFirst Appearance: "Lawnmower Dog"Voice Actor: Rob Paulsen Snuffles is Morty's adorable pet dog. His interests include fetching balls, licking himself, and an...

    573 days ago

  • The Original Rick and Morty: Doc and Mharti

    ...t's significantly tamer than Rick and Morty. If this sounds vaguely familiar, it was referenced heavily throughout the Rick and Morty episode, "Lawnmower Dog."

    316 days ago

  • Rick's Inventions: Season One

    ...t.    Intelligence Enhancer   First Appearance: "Lawnmower Dog" Rick quickly creates a...from humans.  Dream Device   First Appearance: “Lawnmower Dog” The Dream Device...

    362 days ago

  • One-Off Characters: Season One

    ...Davin could kill Beth.   Mrs. Pancakes First Appearance: "Lawnmower Dog"Voice: Melique Berger M...bsp;   Melissa and Scary Brandon First Appearance: “Lawnmower Dog”Voice: Melique Berg...

    358 days ago

  • Rick and Morty - Episode 2: Lawnmower Dog

    ...s who, by all rights, is just an Average Joe. That's the joke. “Lawnmower Dog” is consistently go...e to Justin Roiland's short, Dog World.    Starting with "Lawnmower Dog", every Rick and Morty ep...

    82 days ago

  • Rick and Morty - Episode 3: Anatomy Park

    ...t gimmick in the earlier episodes. Other than the titular duo's obvious reference to Doc and Marty from Back to the Future, the second episode, "Lawnmower Dog" took on Inception and A...

    82 days ago

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