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  • The Pizzas

    ...'s Lion” (Kiki and Kofi Pizza), “Lars and the Cool Kids” (Jenny Pizza), “Beach Party” (...Pizza), Reagan Gomez-Preston (Jenny and Kiki Pizza), Toks Olagundoye (Nanefua Pi...Kiki Pizza: Unlike her sister Jenny, Kiki is a quiet, studious yo...

    2 days ago

  • The Cool Kids: Buck Dewey, Jenny Pizza, and Sour Cream

    ...k Dewey), Reagan Gomez-Preston (Jenny Pizza), Brian Posehn (Sour Cream)...Kids. Comprised of Buck Dewey, Jenny Pizza, and Sour Cream, these three...t to compliment someone.  Jenny Pizza: Compared to her rigid twin s...rted taking in more work hours. Jenny may have a wild streak, but s...

    45 days ago

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    FJIL Group, Inc.

    FJIL Group, Inc.

    Welcome to FJIL Group. We make Pizza Head and Mr. Guy, and toy videos like PaperPuppets and Fairmount's Cartoon Show, known as ToyToons.

    421 days ago

    Steven Universe

    Steven Universe

    We...are the Crystal Gems and we'll always save the day! Take a walk down Beach City, have some pizza, and break out your guitar, t...

    287 days ago


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