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  • Kurthnaga - The Prince of Dragons

    In the land of Tellius, and in regards to the Laguz trib...owever, there are some (a few you already know) who break from that pact. One of which...nt Dawn had come, Kurth was willing to transform to break up fights and support his fri...

    746 days ago

  • Steven Universe - Episode 53 "Full Disclosure"

    ...the end, picking up immediately after the end of Season One's finale "Jail Break". Seconds after Lapis dragged...esy to tell it to her face. Steven approaches her dramatically only to break out into tears, blubbering, "...

    33 days ago

  • Steven Universe - Episode 52 "Jail Break"

    ...asper's ship.   Steven wakes up in a jail cell inside the Homeworld shi...a direction that would satisfy the censors. "Jail Break" dismantled that kind of thi...calls Steven, having gotten his message. "Jail Break" is a masterpiece episode and...

    60 days ago

  • Masks

    Believe it or not, masks are a very popular part of Legend of Zelda in some games. They played big roles in both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, though there are many, I'll break down some of the key ones over the next few days, as they are the most popular ones of the bunch.

    720 days ago

  • Episode Guides

    No doubt the reason Avatar: The Last Airbender is held in such high esteem is becaus...1 episodes that are often held in the highest regards amongst fans. Now, we'll break them down so you can remember...

    465 days ago

  • Inque

    One of the more deadly and vicious members of the Batman Beyond Rogues Gallery is th...a very deadly combatant. However, much like ink, she can't get wet, or she'll break apart. It was with this knowl...

    645 days ago

  • Gotham City Sirens

    Yes, technically these three have all been villains at one point or another, but the...d. While this may not have worked at one time in their pasts, their desire to "break away" from their pasts was wh...

    521 days ago

  • Ian Peek

    In the future, the media is just as important, and imposing, as it is now. For one I...ty for him, because he found out who Batman was. That's one story that'll never break.

    622 days ago

  • Kryptonite Ring

    For Batman, though he sees Superman as a collegue, and even a friend at times, he a battle with Superman. Even with it though, he notes how his punches almost break his hand cause Superman is so...

    574 days ago

  • Outcat Panel At NYCC

    Robert Kirkman is known for both his comics and his adaptations of them. Now, at or horror, I think it's a lot of fun, and I think there's a lot of ground to break in that genre," Kirkman said....

    739 days ago

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