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  • Garnet as unbreakable mentally. Garnet expresses herself through qui...instincts. In spite of that, Garnet's frequent solution is to the two into a new being: Garnet. This was definitely not in S...few skeletons in her closet. Garnet is currently at a crossroad o...

    188 days ago

  • Steven Universe - Episode 57 "Reformed"

    ...d heads to her room, only to find Garnet inside. A corrupted Gem...ay in, so she has to team up with Garnet and Steven to catch it. Ameth...hey got a Corrupted Gem to find. Garnet knows Amethyst didn't put any...d Gem can poof her one more time. Garnet smacks the creature away in r...

    2 days ago

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    Steven Universe

    Steven Universe

    ...City, have some pizza, and break out your guitar, this is the Toonzone Steven Universe fansite! I'll be digging deep to bring you everything about Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, annnnnd Ste...

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