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  • The Villains Of Fire Emblem

    ...ct of most RPG's and story type games has a villain of some sort. For Fire Emblem, these villains are sometim...cial. Over the next while, I'll be talking about the villains of the Fire Emblem series. Into darkness we go.

    721 days ago

  • Fire Emblem Fates

    As a Fire Emblem fan, I'm of course looking forward to the next tit...he series, which in this case is Fire Emblem Fates, which for the first...stly never been done before with Fire Emblem outside of Sacred Stones, always been a strength of the Fire Emblem series in my opinion, and Fat...

    827 days ago

  • How I Got Into Fire Emblem Part 3

    ...diance, i wanted to play more Fire Emblem. And not just Path of Radia...ple times, but different Fire Emblem games from the series. So,...error, I got the US original Fire Emblem for GBA (the one with El...w, I am patiently waiting for Fire Emblem Fates to come out. I'm deeply...

    838 days ago

  • The Lords of Fire Emblem

    The "main" characters in Fire Emblem are actually pretty easy to find, as they're introduced to you almos...ith a rich history and plenty of games, there's been a lot of Lords in Fire Emblem, so I think it's appropriate...

    818 days ago

  • Why is Story So Important in Fire Emblem?

    ...over these blog posts, story is what makes Fire Emblem so special in comparison to...'s because unlike many Nintendo franchises, Fire Emblem understands that you can't ju...or the bad guys. Every named character in Fire Emblem has a story, small or large,...

    824 days ago

  • How I Got Into Fire Emblem Part 1

    ...long as you like it, there's no wrong way. I'll admit I had heard of Fire Emblem before I had started playin...ntendo Gamecube demo station. There on that console was a trailer for Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. I was bore...

    841 days ago

  • The Supporting Characters

    ...nnect with a main character, as its their role to drive the game. But Fire Emblem truly pushes the notion tha...upport characters, and allies that you may have run across during the Fire Emblem games. Be prepared to meet a...

    631 days ago

  • The Laguz/Manakete

    Though Fire Emblem is primarily dominated by humanoid charactes, there have been exceptions. These Laguz and Manakete, and show why these beings continue to arrive in Fire Emblem.

    786 days ago

  • Raydrik - The Duke

    Much of Fire Emblem is about the conflict between countries. Rulers, kings and queens, nobles of all shap...s and sizes and races, fighting one another whether desired or not. In Fire Emblem Tharcia 776, Raydrik served a...

    709 days ago

  • Swords and Sorcery 2

    Before, I talked about how Fire Emblem made a simple battle system complex by all. Part of the beautiful complexity of Fire Emblem is that each weapon has a str...Balancing gameplay is always tough, and even Fire Emblem has stumbled at times, but ov...

    829 days ago

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