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  • Birdperson

    Status: Secondary CharacterFirst Appearance: "Ricksy Business"Voice Actor: Dan Harmon For reasons unknown, Birdperson is Rick's best friend and staunchest supporter. You wouldn't kno...

    487 days ago

  • Ice-T

    Status: One-Shot CharacterFirst Appearance: "Get Schwifty"Voice: Dan Harmon When a Cromulon alien demands Earth to perform a hit pop song or risk getting blown up, the President orde...

    389 days ago

  • The Original Rick and Morty: Doc and Mharti

    Rick and Morty's origin started off with a short that eventually became the basis for the show we know and love. Channel 101, created by Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab, is a non-profit sho...

    311 days ago

  • One-Off Characters: Season One

    ...At least he died doing what he loved: terrorizing a fellow student.    Davin First Appearance: “Pilot”Voice: Dan Harmon Davin is an employee at the...

    353 days ago

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