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  • The Mythology Of Batman

    Batman is everywhere, and it's great most of...ark Knight's Mythology. I grew up on Batman: TAS, but the subsequent show...a very narrow vision of what and who Batman was. By the time I had gotte..., I still don't know everything about Batman. So what am I trying to say...

    840 days ago

  • Plastic Man - The Reformed Goof

    ...DCU, Plastic Man does have a history with Batman, especially in the Batman The Brave and the Bold comics...uffered an accident after being foiled by Batman. Batman took pity on him, and...tened out, and become a powerful ally for Batman. Albeit, one that Batman woul...

    487 days ago

  • Superman

    ...or not, Superman is one of the biggest allies Batman well as being a guy...s the most. More than Joker, or Ra's Al Ghul, Batman KNOWS that if Superman was to...ity stories feature Superman turning dark, and Batman having to rise up to stop him...

    684 days ago

  • James Gordon - The Commissioner

    Of Batman's many non-suited allies, James Gord...most important. As head of the GCPD, Batman finds not only a friendship i...though Jim does think at times what Batman does goes too far. That said, has betrayed him. In fact, after Batman is presumed dead in the New 5...

    520 days ago

  • I Grew Up On Batman

    ...superheroes, more specifically, I grew up on Batman. Batman: The Animated Series was on point and fantastic. It was because of Batman that I branched out and watch...if me and my dad hand't sat down and watched Batman TAS.

    842 days ago

  • Explosive Gel

    A classic in the Arkham games, Batman's explosive gel is a true staple in his utility belt....t enemies. But the gel is used to help rid obstacles in Batman's way, as well as help distract, trick, or remove anyone Batman needs gone. To add to the fu...

    591 days ago

  • Sensei

    ...y is important in many aspects of Batman's life, and more often than n...villains. One father figure that Batman has had to deal with is the f...martial artist who can even trump Batman, Sensei is always a force to...g, including asking for help from Batman.

    674 days ago

  • Grapple Gun

    Batman has many tools to get around, but when he's on foot...ars, but, the purpose has always been the same, get Batman from one building to the next...out of harms way. The grappling gun is able to bear Batman's weight, and sometimes' the...

    603 days ago

  • Zeiss

    ...One such criminal who would become a thorn in Batman and his allies side is Zeiss....mation faster than any normal human, including Batman. This has led to numerous con...s or Zeiss' enhancements. More times than not Batman wins, but it's never easy. Wh...

    730 days ago

  • Batman's Gadgets

    Batman is known for many things, but one of the most legen...s that he has stored within it. Just when you think Batman is pinned down, with no way fact to the numerous versions and generations of Batman's on the various forms of med...

    607 days ago

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