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  • Keese - The Bat

    Another simple enemy, but one that has lasted most of the series, Keese are simple bat creatures that attack Link after being disturbed from their ceiling resting places. However, Keese are...

    510 days ago

  • Welcome to the ATBG Fansite!

    This post will be a little short, k? ;) Just a little fun fansite for fans of As Tol...e out and I'm sure you can all relate. I ask that you guys please abide by the rules and everything will run cool...

    549 days ago

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    As Told By Ginger

    As Told By Ginger

    For the fans of Nickelodeon's great yet underrated series! Rules: No haters allowed. If you don't like the show, go rant somewhere else. Dodie hate is allowed, I know how hard it is not to ran...

    549 days ago


  • 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter

      "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter" (later known as "8 Simple Rules") was a hit Disney sitcom originally airing on the ABC Television Network from September 17, 2002 - April 15, 2005, running for 3 seasons and 76 half-hour episodes.     Created by Bruce Cameron, the...

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    31 days ago

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