FJIL Network Schedule Changes Starting September 5

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FJIL Network Schedule Changes Starting September 5

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Starting September 5 (Labor Day), FJIL Network is changing its schedule since August 21. First off before we start, the Cars Day series, Finely the Fire Engine will join the FJIL Jr. block weekdays at 8am, no changes just joining. First in the change, FJIL Jr. will moved down to 7am to make room for Spliced and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which Maggie and the Ferocious Beast is gone from America again. FJIL Jr. will conutine airing until 12pm. Spider Man returns to weekdays since August 8 starting at 12pm pushing Oggy 12pm slot to 1:30pm fully removing one of Spongebob's timeslot. Cat and Keet will now air at 6:00PM removing  Rabbids. And finally iCarly and Henry Danger will now air from 10PM-12AM removing all the object shows, but object shows will continue to air on weekends at 9PM. The weekend schedule has some changes. Zig and Sharko will now air at 2PM replacing Talking Tom and Friends. The Titans will now air at 3AM removing Canimals. And finally, The Loud House will air at 4:30AM removing Cat and Keet.

The shows that are leaving is Maggie (once again), Object Terror and Canimals.


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