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  227 was a hit 1980s sitcom originally airing on the NBC Television Network from September 14, 1985 - May 6, 1990, spanning over 5 seasons and 116 half-hour episodes. Fresh from her successful 10-year run on "The Jeffersons," Marla Gibbs reprised her role from the original Stage Production of "227," originally a play by Playwright Christine Houston, that was adapted for TV by C.J. Banks. The show was originally planned for the Fall 1986 TV season, but after "The Jeffersons" was abruptly canceled by CBS in 1985, production began on the TV show a year earlier than had planned. The original play was written in 1978 and set in 1950s Chicago, but the TV version was changed to present-day Washington, D.C. for the show's setting. Other characters were man-hungry Sondra Clark (Jackee Harry), Pearl Shay (Helen Martin), and Pearl's grandson, Calvin Dobbs (Curtis Baldwin). A later addition to the series, in a vein attempt to bolster ratings, was Paul Winfield as Julian Barlow; however, the cast changes proved ineffective, and 227 was canceled by NBC in Spring 1990, with the series finale airing on May 6, 1990. Reruns of the show had a long life on BET before airing briefly on Nick at Nite from March 4, 2001 - April 1, 2001 and again on sister network TV Land in Fall 2006.


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