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  Months after completing her successful 10-year run on the hit '70s sitcom "The Jeffersons," Marla Gibbs returned to series TV as the star of "227," a TV sitcom adapted from a Play by Christine Houston.


  As with the original play, "227" was set in an apartment building in Washington, D.C., where Gibbs portrayed Mary Jenkins, the matriarch who lived with her daughter, Brenda (Regina King), and in the same building as her best friends.


  Whereas the original play was set in 1950s Chicago, however, the setting was changed to present-day Washington, D.C. upon its transfer to TV.


  Mary's husband, Lester (Hal Williams), worked as the owner of his own Construction Company, while their daughter Brenda was an average, boy-crazy teenage girl.


  After 5 seasons, and a late-series addition to the cast of Paul Winfield as Julian Barlow, "227" was canceled by NBC, where it aired from September 14, 1985 - May 6, 1990.


  Reruns would subsequently air in the mid-to-late 1990s on BET, on Nick at Nite from March 4, 2001 - April 1, 2001 and on TV Land from 2006-2008.


  "227" was produced by Embassy Television in association with Columbia Pictures Television.


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