Fixit - The Mechanic

Fixit - The Mechanic

For the character Cyborg, one of his continuing stories through the series was that he was trying to be himself, knowing though that he was only half human because of his accident. Early on this was tackled in the episode "The Sum of His Parts", where a power failure lead him to remember just how half human he was. When the power failure happened again he found himself in the "care" of a being called Fixit.

Fixit believed in making things better, except in his mind, that meant being fully robotic, and having nothing organic or human about what he fixed. He tried to make Cyborg a full on machine, despite Cyborg not wanting it. Terms out, he was a cyborg himself in a way, and only after Cyborg's memories were shown to him did he realize the fault in his logic.

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Updated 10/31/2017 By Todd Black in the fan site Teen Titans


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