Cyborg - The Tech

Cyborg - The Tech

Sorry about that! Got caught up and forgot arguably one of the most important Titans! Cyborg!

Part man, part machine, all epic. Cyborg was another breakout character in the show. And even though he'd been shown in previous DC Comics cartoons like the Super Friends, it's here that he really connected with viewers.

Not the least of which was because we got to see him struggle at times with the fact that he was part machine, and that wasn't going to change. Some of his best episodes revolved around him fighting to keep his humanity.

Cyborg also brought the laughs plenty of times, making him even more enjoyable. But of course, when times got tough, he was ready with his sonic cannon and other gear to help the Titans save the day.


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Updated 10/9/2017 By Todd Black in the fan site Teen Titans


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