Pokemon GO - No. 176 - Togetic

Pokemon GO - No. 176 - Togetic

"They say that it will appear before kindhearted, caring people and shower them with happiness."

Sometimes, when you become so attached to a Pokemon, you don't want to see them evolve, because you feel like you've lost something. For Togepi, we'd seen her with Misty since the Kanto region, then all the way through the Johto region, and then Misty and Ash parted ways. So when Misty and Togepi appeared for an episode in Hoenn, we were happy...until Togepit was forced to leave Misty after it evolved into Togetic to help a Kingdom. It was one of the saddest moments of the series.

Togetic's Basic Moves are Extrasenssory and Hidden Power, while its Special Moves are Dazzling Gleam, Aerial Ace, and Ancient Power.

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