Pokemon GO - No. 152 - Chikorita

Pokemon GO - No. 152 - Chikorita

"In battle, Chikorita waves its leaf around to keep the foe at bay. However, a sweet fragrance also wafts from the leaf, becalming the battling Pokémon and creating a cozy, friendly atmosphere all around."

When Pokemon GO was announced to be getting the Johto Pokemon, the idea of having the Johto starters was a must. And leading them off is Chikorita. In the anime, this Pokemon made a big impression on fans, and on Ash. It was the first of the starters of the region he got, and it was by far his most loyal because Chikorita had a major crush on him. Through it all though, they worked well together and won many a battle.

Chikorita's Basic Attacks are Vine Whip and Tackle, while its Special Attacks are Grass Knot, Energy Ball, and Body Slam.

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