Pokemon GO - No. 128 - Tauros

Pokemon GO - No. 128 - Tauros

"This Pokémon is not satisfied unless it is rampaging at all times. If there is no opponent for Tauros to battle it will charge at thick trees and knock them down to calm itself.

Tauros has a very interesting place in Pokemon history. For one things, it's the most abundant of Ash's Pokemon, literally. As he caught 30 of them in the Safari Zone...in an unaired episode here in the US. But, they did get a reprieve when one was used in the Orange Islands and helped Ash win the Orange Cup, there's that.

Tauros' Basic Attacks are Tackle and Zen Headbutt, while its Special Attacks are Iron Head and Earthquake.

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Updated 04/11/2017 By Todd Black in the fan site Pokemon - The Series!


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