Pokemon GO - No. 112 - Rhydon

Pokemon GO - No. 112 - Rhydon

"Rhydon's horn can crush even uncut diamonds. One sweeping blow of its tail can topple a building. This Pokémon's hide is extremely tough. Even direct cannon hits don't leave a scratch."

The evolution from Rhyhorn to Rhydon is very appropriate. Because it goes from small differences to a real animal to an amalgamation of many things. That doesn't mean Rhydon isn't useful though, in fact, he was used by Gym Leaders like Blaine before, and is one of the Gen I Pokemon to have gotten an extra evolution in the Unova region.

Rhydon's Basic Attacks are Rock Smash and Mud Slap, while its Special Attack is Megahorn.

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Updated 03/11/2017 By Todd Black in the fan site Pokemon - The Series!


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