Pokemon GO - No. 111 - Rhyhorn

Pokemon GO - No. 111 - Rhyhorn

"Rhyhorn runs in a straight line, smashing everything in its path. It is not bothered even if it rushes headlong into a block of steel. This Pokémon may feel some pain from the collision the next day, however."

You have to wonder sometimes how the Pokemon team get their ideas. Did they think, "Hey, a rhino is pretty dangerous, what if we made rock rhino, which makes it even more dangerous!" That seems to be the logic behind Rhyhorn. While a fairly straightforward Pokemon, it did get new life in the Kalos region, as it was shown you could ride a Rhyhorn to places you couldn't get to before.

Rhyhorn's Basic Attacks are Mud Slap and Rock Smash, while its Special Attacks are Horn Attack, Stomp, or Bulldoze.

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Updated 03/10/2017 By Todd Black in the fan site Pokemon - The Series!


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