Shrimply Pibbles

Shrimply Pibbles

Status: One-Shot Character
First Appearance:
Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate”

There is always that one person who is exalted above all else; one whose work and charity has touched people worldwide. Mother Teresa, Ghandi, Shigeru Miyamoto, they've all left their mark and represented the best that humanity can strive for.

Shrimply Pibbles is one on a galactic level. An extremely beloved civil rights movement, Shrimply Pibbles was dragged into the emergency room due to an ailing heart. The only chance he has now is an organ transplant with a human's, er, junk. By coincidence, at the same time, Jerry was taken to the same alien hospital due to an mishap with one of Rick's otherworldly bacteria.

Once Jerry is cured, a group of doctors and civil leaders beg him to donate his goodies to save the most important man in the entire universe. Jerry is only reluctant up until the aliens make fun of his species, causing him to impulsively agree in an attempt to stroke his ego. He starts having doubts afterwards since he'll be permanently detached from what he considers a sign of his masculinity (what little Jerry feels he has anyway), so he stalls as much as he can. Jerry finds some dirt on Shrimply and later announces to a crowd that their beloved role model has a heroin addiction. This fails when Jerry finds out heroin is a functioning necessity of Shrimply's species. The public quickly realize Jerry is backing out at the last minute and shuns him. Fortunately word has spread really quickly of his cowardice and aliens from all over the galaxy scurried whatever little money they had so Shrimply can get a brand new synthetic heart.

Now considered a universal pariah, Jerry's self-esteem takes a biiiiiig dip. He barges into Shrimply's operation room with what he thinks is an alien gun and demands the surgeon to take his junk, desperate to prove he's a good person. Security guards violently shoots him, but being in a super sophisticated alien hospital, he survives. Presumably so does Shrimply.

Strike 54,685 for Jerry.

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