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Rick and Morty Games

Inevitably, a popular show like Rick and Morty would get its fair share of games. The current batch of interactive entertainment for Rick and Morty are apps or browser-based; all of them fun in their own ways. Except for Pocket Mortys which will be covered in its own section at some point, here are the Rick and Morty games you can play. Best of all, they're all free!




Rick and Morty's Rushed Licensed Adventure

Rick and Morty's Rushed Licensed Adventure is a point-and-click flash game located in Adult Swim's website. The game is a decent time killer, filled with fourth wall breaks, achievement hunts, and socks. Each episode roughly takes about a half hour to play through, more if you click on everything. I recommend doing the latter just to hear Rick and Morty comment on whatever it is you clicked on.

There are four episodes for you to play. They are:


Episode 1: Rick tasks Morty to pick up a couple of items so he can close up two portals located in their garage. As Morty explores the house, he must also content with an alien lounging in the living room.


Episode 2: Morty accidentally shrinks himself. He tries to get Rick's attention to change him back, but per rules of video game logic, Rick purposely ignores him and dumps the petri dish Morty is on inside the fridge. Now Morty has to find a way out.


Episode 3: Summer's body is literally jumbled up due to Rick's invention, the Jumbler. With Rick passed out in her room, this leaves Morty to figure out a way to “"unjumble”" his sister.


Episode 4: Morty is kidnapped by the Sock People and Rick must find a way to bring him back. This time, you can control between the two as they work together to fix Rick's portal gun.



Jerry's Game


In "Something Ricked Comes This Way", Jerry is seen playing a balloon-popping game on his ipad. Well, now the game officially exists as a free app. All you do is pop balloons. That's it. Collect 1000 balloons each and you can unlock new contents like different shaped balloons, music, save progress, etc.


The game by itself is nothing to sing about, but therein lies the brilliance. It's an extremely meta game, where the simplicity of its goals and the lack of challenge is deliberate. What's even better is that every time you get a certain amount of balloons, the game sends aggressively celebratory cheers that it descends into condescension. It's the kind of cheer you'd give to a preschooler...or a middle-aged man desperately in need of validation. It is very much a game Jerry would play and for that alone, it's worth checking out.







Now this one is unique. Rickstaverse is a game on instagram (though you don't have to be a member to play) composed of nine-to-twelve grids per page that hosts a number of secrets to promote the then upcoming season two premiere. Clicking on certain pictures opens up a field of interesting things to see and do: you can travel to various Rick and Morty worlds, find hidden mini-games like the Tamagatchi-ish Jerrygatchi, click on gifs, read mini-comics, and more. The "main plot" is to find the five hidden bootleggers that unlocks clips from season two.

As of this writing, I haven't seen everything the game has to offer, but I am impressed by the sheer volume of contents. 





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