Voltron Legendary Defender Season 01 Episode 10: Collection and Extraction

Voltron Legendary Defender Season 01 Episode 10: Collection and Extraction

In an attempt to figure out their next move, the team ciphers through Sandak's memories, and though they don't get much, they do find something for a "galactic hub". They type in the coordinates, but nothing shows up, Pidge believes they just got the location of a top secret base. They go to find out if they're right.

Once they arrive, the find a special base that appears to be handling shipments for the fleet. Something still feels off for them, so they decide to investigate. Allura ops to join them. Despite Caran's reservation, Shiro allows it.

After some cloak and dagger, they board the station. After getting info from the computers, they realize that they don't have anything of value. A docking ship though gives Allura the idea to hack them instead, and she reveals she can actually assume the body type of an alien race. Thus she could just walk through the front door, with a disguise of course. Shiro states he has to come with, Pidge seconds it, as it'd be the only way to get information, as Shiro's arm can interface with the tech.

Allura and Shiro board the ship. Meanwhile, the others try and get information from one of the sentry bot. As they observe the goings on of the base, Keith notices a Druid, and thus decides they need to figure out what he is up to.


On the ship, Shiro begins to remember he escaped his prison. The sentries have timed routes, and he leads Allura to a section where he thinks he can use their pattern against them. Keith meanwhile keeps up the Druid as Pidge and Hunk continue to try and make the robot give them info.

Shiro accesses a console after taking out some sentries, allowing Pidge to hack in and download the information. Through some lucky, they get by another guard. Keith wires in the others to his feed, which shows a druid in a massive room filled with tubes of energy. The robot that was being worked on by Pidge reveals that each tube is filled with quintessence, which is the greatest energy source in the universe.

Furthermore, the station they are on is where all the raw quintessence is taken to be refined into a purer form, then sent out to the fleet wherever it needs it. Keith decides to take a quintessence to see what the fuss is all about.

Shiro and Allura get caught by a guard, forcing them to flee. At the same, the druid discovers Keith trying to steal the quintessence and fights him, and even injures his hand. Pidge drops in to save him, and in the process, Keith gets quintessence spilled on him. It heals his injured hand.


Shiro and Allura make it to a hanger with an escape ship, but, they can't get to it because of sentries. Allura sacrifices herself so Shiro can escape.

Shiro tells the team what happens, and though they know it won't be easy, they know they have to get Allura back, which means going to where Zarkon is.

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