Voltron Legendary Defender Season 01 Episode 09: Crystal Venom

Voltron Legendary Defender Season 01 Episode 09: Crystal Venom

Allura talks with her father, but Caran breaks it up and says she needs to rest, as she's not fully recovered from the rejuvenation festival for the Balmera.

Pidge is working in his hanger when Caran asks for his help, as he leaves, a nearby crystal begins to react in an unusual way.

The team forms around Sandak's cryo tube, and attempt to use Altean technology to extract his memories, and potentially get information about Zardak's fleet. Caran warns though this has never been used on an unwilling participant before.

They for the memories to be extracted, but nothing happens, and one by one they leave, except for Shiro. Who agrees to stay and watch just in case.

As Hunk tries to get a meal, the food dispenser goes haywire, forcing him and Pidge to team up to stop it. Lance and Caran are cleaning cryo pods. As Caran monologues about his days as a youth, Lance gets trapped in a pod and sealed away, leaving Caran to think he just walked away. Keith meanwhile is on the training deck, and as he faces a simulated opponent, it goes berserk and tries to kill him. He gets away, but it follows.

Shiro continues to wait on the memory extraction from Sandak, and after yelling at him a bit, does get some memories. Caran eventually finds Lance within the pod, and frees him. Lance believes the castle is haunted, but Caran is unconvinced.


In Allura's room, the holographic projection of her father appears before her, she awakens confused. Lance walks a hallway that suddenly goes dark. The projection appears in the distance. He then hears a cry for help from Caran, as Lance goes to it, he's tricked into an air lock. One that's about to release its contents into space.

Shiro continues to interrogate Sandak, but Sandak begins to talk back, causing Shiro to become very uneasy. Pidge and Hunk work in the hangar bay, but then the gravity gets shut off. Keith finds Lance as he's dueling the danger room bot, and is able to save Lance before he's sucked out into space.

Allura and her "father" talk, and he says he can bring her back to Altea, which she wholeheartedly want. He leads her away, but the mice are unsure about what's happening.

The others help Hunk and Pidge, and Caran realizes that the crystal Sandak used to take over the ship is still corrupting the system.


Meanwhile, Shiro begins to get warped by Sandak, to the point where he ejects him from the ship in horror after almost releasing him after his constant taunts.

Allura is tricked by her father into creating a wormhole jump to take them all to "Altea". The team arrives to stop her, but the castle prevents it. They jump near a star that is about to explode. Allura soon realizes she's been tricked, but the castle prevents her from stopping the ship. To save everyone, they have to disable King Alfor's A.I. for good. While the Lions prevent the ship from going into the star, Allura is forced to destroy her fathers' A.I. After which, they escape before the sun explodes. 

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