Legend of Korra Episode 09 - Out Of The Past

Legend of Korra Episode 09 - Out Of The Past

Word reaches Team Avatar of Korra's capture, and they quickly rally together to try and find her. Tarrlok though has done his part and covered up his brutal fight with Korra to make it appear that Equalists have taken her. Taking the bait, Tenzin, Lin, Mako, Asami, and Bolin all go look for her at Equalist hideouts.

Meanwhile, Korra tries to escape, but to no avail. Eventually, she calms down and tries to connect with her past lives. She does so, and sees a long vision. In it, Toph and Aang arrest a man named Yakone. He is charged with assaulting and attacking people using Bloodbending, and doing it in the daytime.

Though he denies the charges, and states that Bloodbending can only be done under a full moon, the head of the council, Chief Sokka, isn't fooled. He charges Yakone with life in prison. This in turn causes Yakone to drop all pretenses and Bloodbend everyone in the room, including Sokka, Toph, and Aang.

As Yakone leaves, Aang goes into the Avatar State, freeing himself and goes after Yakone. After a brief duel, Aang uses Energybending to take away Yakone's powers, saving Republic City in the process.

After taking down some Equalists, Team Avatar realized they've been tricked, and go after Tarrlok. After first denying the claims, he's soon ratted out, and is forced to Bloodbend them into submission and make an escape. He goes to his hideout to try and get Korra and make an escape. As he reaches it though, he's met by Amon. The two duel, and eventually Tarrlok is beaten and has his own bending taken away.

Korra, knowing what'll happen if she stays, makes a bold move and is able to escape. Ironically, after crashing in the snow, she is found by the others. Who happily inform her that she is safe.

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